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Trail Ratings


  • 1-Dirt and Gravel Roads 
  • 2-Introduction to Loose Rock, a beginning to off-road enjoyment 
  • 3-A way to get your feet wet without getting into trouble. 
  • 4-Driving skills recommended, a great trail to learn your abilities and how capable your machine can be. 
  • 5-above average driving skills are desirable.  Vehicle approach and departure angles are becoming important. 
  • 6-Challenging trail  with some tough obstacles, most are bypassable.  A good time to learn  your rigs upper limit abilities without high risk. 
  • 7-Body damage and  rollovers are possible with less experienced drivers.  Modified machines  with skid plates and body protection recommended. 
  • 8-A winch and/or tow strap is desirable.  Excellent driving skills are required.  Roll over possibilities exist. 
  • 9-Extreme and beyond.  Multiple large climbs, descents and off camber situations. 
  • 10-Let the carnage  begin!  Rollovers VERY likely.  Good spotting, experienced drivers with  modified machines are required as even they will be tested.

  • Trail Ratings are very subjective and the difficulty of a trail can  change from time to time due to many factors including weather, erosion,  amount of use as well as modifications to the trail by people. We try  to accurately describe the difficulty of a trail but sometimes we are  surprised. Drivers should always be aware of their skill limitations and  the limitations of their equipment. Keep in mind that vehicle damage or  injury can occur at any time on any trail. Whenever a driver feels in  danger he/she should immediately ask for help. It is always easier to  put a strap on a vehicle or guide a vehicle over a dangerous obstacle  than to repair a vehicle that was damaged unnecessarily. There is no  shame in asking for help. 

1-10 Trails Rated

4-Anasazi Refrigerator Trail

4-Ball Hanger

4-Reptile Trail

4-Arch Trail

4-Skinny Canyon

4-New Years Trail

4-Bear Trail

4-Hidden Trail

4-Lower Rim

5-Cobra Trail

5-Upper Rim Trail

5-Snoopy Trail

5-Wireline Trail

5-Lamigra Trail

5-Garage Trail

6-Gladiator Trail

6-RJs Trail

7-Intimidator Trail

8-Waterfall Trail

8-Scratching Post Trail

9-Harold's Highway Memorial Trail

9-Beaver Falls Trail

10-Highway Trail

10-Slickline Trail

10-667Rockers Trail

1st Playground

2nd Playground

Trail GPS Coordinates, Entry Points

Refrigerator Trail 36°47'53.40"N  108°11'30.80"W

Ball Hanger 36°46'18.11"N  108°12'53.70"W

Reptile Trail 108°48'54.94"N  108°11'01.62"W

Arch Trail 36°49'00.39"N 108°11'56.71"W

Skinny Canyon 36°48'11.52"N 108°11'48.24"W

New Years Trail 36°50'02.29"N 108°12'09.29"W

Bear Trail 36°48'11.52"N 108°11'48.24"W

Hidden Trail 36º50'17.64"N 108º11'46.49"W

Cobra Trail 36°48'31.36"N  108°11'39.39"W

Lower Rim Trail 36°48'03.10"N 108°11'04.56"W

Upper Rim Trail 36°48'16.17"N 108°11'12.96"W

Snoopy Trail 36°47'24.19"N 108°11'29.0"W

Wireline Trail 36°46'30.72"N 108°12'20.51"W

Lamigra Trail 36°48'15.93"N 108°11'53.37"W

Garage Trail 36°47'30.58"N 108°11'09.82"W

Gladiator Trail 36°48'16.27"N 108°11'59.66"W

RJs Trail 36°48'42.81"N  108°11'33.57"W

Rainy Day Trail 36°47'48.43"N 108°12'05.73"W

Intimidator Trail 36°47'31.13"N 108°11'47.78"W

Waterfall Trail 36°48'15.93"N 108°11'53.37"W

Scratching Post Trail 36°49'18.36"N 108°11'11.41"W

Harold's Highway Memorial Trail 36°47'42.16"N 108°12'02.91"W

Bonecrusher Trail 36°48'20.90"N 108°12'02.77"W

Beaver Falls Trail 36°48'11.52"N 108°11'48.24"W

Highway Trail 36°46'26.94"N 108°12'23.56"W

Slickline Trail 36°46'42.46"N 108°12'06.92"W

667Rockers Trail 36°46'47.89"N 108°12'14.33"W

1st Playground 36°46'59.04"N 108°11'56.69"W

2nd Playground 36°47'54.71"N 108°11'14.21"W

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